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Finding Balance & Connection

With over twenty years of riding and training experience, Emily’s passion for saddlery and proper saddle fit is rooted in observed impact the fit of a saddle has had on her school horses. By balancing each saddle to the individual horse, she can improve the horses’ qualities of life while improving the rider’s balance and connection.

Emily has completed an onsite/fitting course with Chris Taylor at Saddler’s Den in Southport, England, as well as the British Society of Master Saddlers Intro Course and Hastilow Onsite/Fitting courses, stateside in Maryland. She is working to become an overseas qualified saddle fitter through the BSMS, which requires extensive experience and education in the field. She is currently working in the field in SE Michigan, and is in her mentorship phase of qualification.


Fitting & Flocking

Emily uses only the highest quality of wools to flock saddles. Because wool is a natural, “living”, protein-based fiber, it is unrivaled in its ability to absorb shock and conform to your horse’s shape.

The saddle works as an interface between rider and horse. By carefully fitting your saddle to give your horse the most surface area for rider weight distribution, as well as balancing it for the rider stability, Emily can bring comfort and a sense of ease in communication to horse and rider.


Extending the Lifespan
of Useful Things

By having your items repaired, rather than throwing them away, you are not only participating in sound, eco-friendly practices – you are giving new life to the item being restored.

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