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Traditionally Tanned Around The World

When Emily first began searching for leathers to use in her products, she couldn’t help but be drawn to those made in small, traditional tanneries. Each of the companies that she has selected to work with produces their leather using traditional, plant-based vegetable-tanning methods that are eco-conscious, many with carefully monitored wastewater practices. These leathers provide a large range of options for her customers, from the traditional, waxy bridle leathers from England, to the softer more modern leathers from France, Mexico, Turkey and Italy.


Perfectly Suited for Your Needs

Emily uses primarily hand stitching on her products, reserving machine stitching on her industrial machines for long, non-structural lines of stitches. Both hand and machine stitching on her products are available in French linen and cotton, as well as high quality German synthetic threads. Where hand stitching is more secure and longer-lasting, machine stitching is more economical and is often produced with faster turnaround times. Each of our items’ structural elements are always finished with hand-stitching, to assure that each piece of hardware is truly secured safely.


Spanning Centuries

Leatherworking tools are often crafted with love and fine craftsmanship – it is these traits that are then passed on to the items they are used to craft. In Emily’s workshop, you will find tools from Joseph Dixon, C. S. Osborne, Vergez Blanchard and even some hand-me-down antiques from the bygone era of the pre-industrial-revolution. Emily always encourages her customers to ask questions about the processes involved in the crafting of their items. This is a craft which can only be saved from disappearing by education.

In keeping with Emily’s love for sewing in all forms, there are now two leather sewing machines in the workshop: “Idgie” the Cowboy 3200 workhorse, and “Adrestia” the Juki LU-562. Though Emily prefers hand-sewing on most items, each machine has its own purpose, especially when layering decorative elements.


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Each item created at Mindful Leatherworks is carefully designed, crafted, and fitted to be of heirloom quality and to meet even your most specific of needs.


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