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Heirloom Craft, Modern Fit

Anyone familiar with horses knows that they come in a seemingly endless array of shapes and sizes. While Mindful Leatherworks does offer traditionally sized items, many of our customers opt to utilize our fitting services by having her come directly to their farm to measure their horse. This farm visit is also a great time for the customer to view leather and thread samples as well as design elements (such as filigree embellishments or baroque accents) that they may wish to choose for their product.*


Hand Crafted With Care

For many of us, our pets are practically family members and each one is as unique in personality as they are in shape. Mindful Leatherworks offers a wide array of options for our canine companions including rolled, flat, and martingale collars, and even lurchers and canine halters/harnesses. In addition, we are now offering petite, break-away collars for feline friends. Let your pup or kit know they’re valued by outfitting them in one of our lovely collars.


Created For Your Every Need

Sometimes someone requires a special something in their daily life. Mindful Leatherworks is happy to work with customers to create the perfect items for their daily lives. We are happy to offer custom belts, minimalist wallets, document folios, notebook covers, and spur straps, and we are always pleased to work with individuals to create custom items such as phone holsters, carriers for medical equipment, and more!

New in fall of 2020 we are especially excited to begin offering straps for various musical instruments, such as guitar, mandolin, and ukulele.


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Each item created at Mindful Leatherworks is carefully designed, crafted, and fitted to be of heirloom quality and to meet even your most specific of needs.


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